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HELLO!! Thank you for stopping inside the pages!! Optimal viewing is desk or lap top--mobile distorts. It was a challenge for me to make this website on my own but to me the Wix is best for those who need or want to do this themselves. It is pretty intuitive if you apply yourself to the tons of decisions you must make.

​This website is mainly to showcase Art & Personality for "Sponsors" since I do not sell anything, so it is created to be more "artsy" than perhaps informatively "functional" allowing Sponsors to get to know me....~Cathie




Who AM "I" ????

I am named after both of my Grandmothers, Catherine and Caroline. So I use both names  in print, my given name "Cathie Carol" because my Grandmothers were equally important and loved very much by me.  My Father never had sons so I took his  last name and hyphened when I married.

And about that unique last name---my husband Michael's last name is from Ukranian origin and actually means "half a mustache"! Well, "his mother Mary" told me that, oh so long ago, that "someone" in the family had made the King (CZAR) Nicholais very angry and supposedly the name was then changed/bestowed upon them as an insult, by the King!!  Well that is what I was told!

My husband's dear mother by the way, was a prisoner of war as a child and was "owned" by a farmer when she was "taken" from her family.  Her childhood was spent working  in a sort of labor camp. She lived on bread mostly for meals and ---a bed of hay in a barn, back then.  She often speaks of "My Farmer" where we would say my mother or father. Such sad circumstances she has shared with us. She is in her 90s now. I have highest admiration and love for her. ( I am pictured in slideshow with beloved "Mary"--we are standing beneath a hotel entrance, on Captiva Island Florida with my seahorse "Stargazer" behind us...) Note:*Recently*---- this *April 2021* we lost our Mary at 95 years old.....















My "working" career really began pretty early in my Father's printing company, all through his life that he owned it, you know how "kids" always help out the family business!!

As a teen I worked in an Old Fashioned Ice cream Parlor.

And while in High School I worked as Sales, Head of Sales, to Manager-- in a Department Store on Main Street!

It was great to be Medical Unit Secretary in an ICF Nursing Home Facility where I loved the elderly ones like I had 100 Grandma and Grandpas!


And then as a Family Pharmacy Technician I assisted Prescriptions and medical supplies.


Joyfully I was able to be a Preschool teacher for Three Year Olds, having my own whimsical fun classroom.


With noble interest I was hired as an Executive Assistant to the Director of The Bar Association Legal Aid and Lawyer Referral Program. I attended several Bar luncheons and Board meetings with my wonderful female Boss and wrote a small column periodically for the Legal Aid newsletter. I did have the privilege of creating a calendar for Probono Awards. It was caricatures of 12 prestigious judges! I can tell you the judges all had a great sense of humor about that project. My Father printed it for us--the last page was a  certificate designed by me with a large gold embossed emblem! I think I have a calendar upstairs stored away along with a Florida coloring book my Father also printed for me!!


Then working in an amazing Sarasota estate on the Bay as Personal Assistant/Nanny--was quite the privileged position!!

And lastly I use the word a lot but again I was very privileged to be employed in the Maternity Wards and NICU units at local hospitals, Lakewood Ranch Women's Medical Center and Manatee Memorial Hospital, as a trusted Hearing Technician for newborn infants. I also trained new technicians in the two separate hospitals.

Currently I focus on charity community art fundraising for various entities that I care about. My husband kindly supports all of these endeavors and also helps me with mechanical and technical issues in producing some of the art!


So I have wide experience and applied myself diligently to  every  job I desired. I believe most of my positions really helped me--- help people, in some way. I do have a victim's advocate  sort of mentality, for human and furry friend---- and I will step up when I must. I am thankful in being willing and able to use my talent, such as it is now, assisting "others" through the funds raised by my children's art.


Painting a 3D image is quite the challenge as you are working "around" an object and not a flat canvas so it becomes easier to forget details of the back and at the top or bottom----which also finds you working on your knees a lot!!!!-

Curves, roughness and bumps are a true challenge for indicating straight lines or fluidity of design on sculptures. My renderings start as a simplistic drawing and then I try to paint in greatest detail always adding special elements, like Swarovski jewels or whatever I feel enhances the art--far more than what "a piece of submitted paper" reflects. It sort of develops as I go.


At times, I have even created my own paper mache characters like the clown's monkey Punky and the olde Parrot Crusty on the pirate gecko to mention a few--all baked  in my oven at home.  I use wire hangers and newspaper and paper clay the old fashioned way. And while some artists submit fascinating art on paper ----sometimes they can not produce as intended on the 3D image. I find a simple start enables a grande finale by comparison.


I hope my art  becomes something you remember, which is why I love detailing so much, as that is what the sponsor and the community deserves---something I believe they can be proud to display and really enjoy "looking" at!!!!! A lot of artists like "airbrushing" or simple splash paints---but it is not my preference at all, as to me it seems too generic looking. Just depends on art style--I like "detail" and whimsey!


Community art provides "an honorarium or stipend" to each artist that we can use to reinvest in what we create, buying any supplies needed from that allowance. This is not a profession or job by any means because ongoing opportunities are sparse. It is truly by generosity of artists and sponsors involved that the art exists for everyone to appreciate and subsequently benefit from. I do what I can when I am aware of the "Call To Artists" to lend what talent I have.  I am very selective as to what I will support and represent. I may use this site to eventually sell, but  at the moment I have nothing to offer, so maybe you will check back now and then, and see what might be new.

My two younger sisters and I are generally self taught. Natural talent of our families it seems. I reference my own photograph collection for ideas and use various wildlife and nature books or magazines to sometimes compile further what I am trying to paint. Unlike Rockwell who always used live models, I can not call in a flamingo to pose for me! Some things I paint are just make believe! And that is when I have the best time creating!!!  I have rarely displayed my own art at home and have painted for myself very, very limitedly. And what few paintings I had done early in life as watercolors, were given away as gifts. I recently painted my bathroom cabinet with a fanciful mural though, as seen in slideshow with the songbirds.

oooooooH and most recently, in 2021 I "won" a National fun old-fashioned  "Coloring Contest" through Facebook. Sponsored by "TONY DOW" childhood Actor of wholesome family sitcom of the 1950's "Leave It To Beaver", and Fireball Publishing!!! I was among four Winners, one was a child, and we received prizes! BUT the BEST prize EVER was a total surprise that shocked me---- TONY himself ---called to "congratulate" me. I could almost NOT breathe when I saw his name on our Caller ID> And I was so excited, but home alone with no one to share in this extreme JOY!! Oh my, poor Tony put up with my gaga attitude and was SO VERY KIND. What a sweet dear person he is and his wife Lauren. A 20 minute phone call!! THAT is just something I will never "EVER" forget and pics are in the slideshow!!! Thankful I had the mind to at least take a photo of our Caller ID!!!! I am very proud of that. It was a silly contest but it was sincere and a fun throwback to innocent times of simplicity! Well---Has "Tony Dow "ever called you!?-(SMILE)

I enjoy writing poetry, and have some children's stories and songs I have written too. I even took a  special songwriting class I loved it so much and got an A+. My teacher was Ishmael Katz a great musician himself! Once I auditioned for a showcase before these Idol Shows were popular and I actually won a placement to go to Nashville! I enjoyed singing and we often performed singing bible skits and sometimes did karaoke as many did. But to go to Nashville---- I had to sign a three page "contract". I very carefully read it. What struck me was this one point that I was to agree to--it said: "You must allow us to manage and change your image for best success!" HA!. THAT was a big nope for me--I would not sign up for that--how could I know what they would change me into?!! Too risky to me! SOOooo that was the end of that. And that was when Trisha Yearwood was "discovered", many strangers  come up to me and still say I favor her. I have no regrets though as I made a thoughtful decision. Well youth can be a challenge for a lot of reasons. I am happy where my life is today.






My husband, grew up an Ohio boy, living on a small 7 acre farm. His Dad died before he was born. Michael kindly and generously helps and financially supports me on any of my art projects, especially when I need his drills, bolts, dremel and "how-to do it" knowledge, with what I think up!!! 


We live in a unique historic 1908 cottage.   Our property is "wildlife habitat certified" as we also do volunteer wildlife rescue and rehab at our own expense for past 25 years,---when there is a wild injured or orphan in true need!! I have  always  LOVED all animals.


All kinds of creatures have been cared for and some kept as pets through my life. Regarding wildlife---- Best to leave an animal on its own--- whenever you can! Or transfer carefully to a licensed Rehab Center and then---- make a donation if you leave a creature!! It helps a lot! PLEASE be kind to all animals--especially: Opossums they are truly meek creatures!!!! I have raised SOOooo many. They do not carry rabies generally. Often Mamas are hit by cars so if you can safely stop please--and check for babies in the pouch. There are many capable rehabbers that Network through facebook nationwide!! Even seriously injured are nursed back to health.


Our rescue efforts have always had great success! When an animal is sheltered here, we keep our home especially quiet and calm to provide a healing environment where it can thrive with gentlest care.  We have a motto--"Every living thing deserves a helping hand" and that goes with the photo in the slideshow where my hand is holding a few hours old infant raccoon that Mike found hurt in our yard a few years ago. Also, our family and friends know us to be avid gardeners. Our home is still maintained by a "well" so we hand carry water to our pocket gardens around the property to conserve! We do not use pesticides or fertilizers but research natural alternatives as our environment should be respected in all ways that matter and what is in our power to control. It helps the wildlife thrive here too!!


We are basically homebodies so we are content enough,and we are fond of antiques. We have a collection of old toys, German and French dolls and bears, clocks and radios and cameras.  Worthless to some but nostalgically meaningful to us. But our old 1908 cottage--referred to as "The Tentmaker's House" in an article by The Sarasota Observer, well the old house has enough and then some, so we are mostly retired collectors.  Often we have given things to those who visit and especially loved something---after all they are "only things". And you know, there is more happiness that way---in giving


We are very eclectic in our furniture. I can always find a uniquely styled "bargain" and love to re-purpose!! I enjoy doing that by choice.  I think a home should reflect individual personality as it adds to the enjoyable fun of visiting each other! As the saying goes--"Collect what you love and your home becomes your story!" I believe that! We are all different, so why have the same color trend of the year on the wall or a couch style because a movie star commercial "sold you"--I mean, told you to??-(SMILE) "Unique" should be ubiquitous!


I hope you enjoyed the lengthy "about me" and all the slides that took you on a winding journey down Community Art Ave, past "The Tentmaker's House" and right through my "heART Department" home studio!!!


Well, it has come to be the time when I must say----

"Thank YOU for spending your time at this site of  WhimZCreations in reading and looking over the art--- and perhaps, you have seen something that made you smile!!? I hope so.......with all my heArt."


SONG SELECTED : Morning Has Broken (original familiar artist Cat Stevens 1973) THIS version supplied by JAMENDO.COM and is from the Album titled "Color of Music" by Ronny Matthes in the soothing style of traditional Galische melodie. NOTE: You do NOT have to pay to "use" unless you PROFIT and sell items as a regular business.


Lyrics for those interested:

"Morning has broken, like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird. Praise for the singing, praise for the morning---- Praise for the springing fresh for the world.

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven, Like the first dew fall, on the first grass. Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden, Sprung in completeness where his feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning, Born of the one light, Eden saw play. Praise with elation, praise every morning God's own creation of a new day........"

Please~ make time to read in your Bible every day--it honors God who provided it to help us and it can make your life happier and your heart content. 

I hope your lifetime is full of good and wonderful things and that any troubles you may have to encounter you will overcome and cope with and then achieve your......... "Happily Ever After" Remember.....Every "morning" is a new opportunity to do better than the day before!

It is my favorite time of day! ~Cathie

Proverbs 12:10 "The righteous care for their animals but even the mercy of the wicked-- is cruel"

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