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2023 Another Large fiberglass dolphin my husband bought for me at full price and shipping fee- will be painted that I shall crown "KING or QUEEN?" of the animal kingdom painted on him!


2023----A male Clown fiberglass sculpture!!!

I painted two girl clowns as my first ever community project--recently my husband acquired a retired politically painted clown from the Children's Hospice fundraiser of "years ago" that needs a makeover.

I do not know WHAT we will do with it but he will be offered for some purpose or person. Contact me with any ideas--same goes for the Dolphin Statue. BOTH are current projects to be created with no designations or owners set for them--YET. COVID slowed things down mightily. Catching up now thankfully!


My Art displays in Pinellas County, Manatee County, Sarasota County, Lee County...and Beyond!!!!


Thank You

for checking back now and then

!!! Your interest & special support are Very Much Appreciated


Special Note of Thank You to  IconPoly of Nebraska

who has provided not all but most of the fiberglass forms I have painted big and small-- going beyond  in getting sculptures to us!



N. Washington Blvd SARASOTA

for providing "high quality" protective

Automotive Clearcoating for my Southeastern Guide Dog projects!



(Pictures in slideshow on Home Page!!)

COMCAST: MY FIRST EVENT EVER! The CLOWNS! Dazzle and her dog HipHop and Lolli Palooza and her monkey Punky!! For local Tidewell "Children's Hospice": I did *2* painted clowns. ComCast sponsored one of my lifesize fiberglass clowns as a high end sponsor. Also they then generously privately commissioned me to create a "Slowski Turtle" and clown out of paper mache to be presented as an "Award" for one of their special VIPs visiting Florida from Pennsylvania home office at a Habitat For Humanity event they held  at a project home!


They also "filmed" right here in our cottage for several weeks while I painted the lifesize fiberglass clown, as they added my "Dazzle" to a brief documentary on the Hospice event. Thank you also to "the private sponsor" who enabled me to create a second clown AND he also bought it---as my work I was told raised the most money of "all" 65 artists as my first community art effort, which was quite a shock to me. I was so very glad for the children's charity to benefit! I STILL smile about it too!


I must specially mention, in the slideshow there is a pic at the clown event of me and a lady posing--she has a white clowning around T-shirt on and I am holding her framed "story". There was a community "contest" ---who could write the best story about any clown they chose. She chose to write about my clown and she WON. She came to that event especially to present ME with a framed copy!  I had no idea. I love her for doing that! I can't express how much that meant to me. Her story is about a lonely clown who goes to a Shelter to adopt a sad doggie to become a best friend--that is her version of how Dazzle my clown got her pal HipHop the dog. Her story hangs now in my little art department. Very inspiring to me!!!!!


Also this unique highlight--- that Dolly Jacobs beautiful daughter of Lou Jacobs famous Ringling clown character---his trademark tall pointed head, tiny hat, white stretched face, teeny clown car with dog--well she told me at opening cocktail party my clowns of all depicted----- REALLY looked like her father's image of what he wanted clowns to be. "You know" how THAT made me feel!!!!!??  It is sometimes very good to be an artist, to do good and receive good in those heart touching ways! I can never forget such kindnesses!!!


NOTE: There was terrible vandalism of many clowns--stolen, dismembered, set on fire etc. I made a special sign pleading for the vandals to stop and care. It did help. I also felt compelled to write a letter to the editor of The Sarasota Herald Tribune, which was published, in behalf of the altruistic efforts of the charity. One "fine artist" wrote that he felt the "clowns", painted by young and old, were a blight and intruded upon the "fine art" culture of our city!!!! He implied that others agreed. HE voiced a poisonous damaging opinion that I just could NOT tolerate! No.This was a LOCAL Children's Hospice fundraiser! It was QUITE the ordeal for my first event!!


BRADENTON GECKOFEST-where I painted *4* six foot long fiberglass lizards.... Celestial, Perrenial Bliss, Captain JackPot & Olde Crusty the Parrot and Mezmerelda Fanta-SEA Geckos! Two purchased by unknown private collectors and one purchased by MORGAN CHASE VIP and other by local Law Firm! That fundraising provided money directly to art teachers to enable them to buy art supplies for their classrooms. One of my Geckos was displayed on The Manatee Art Center building, one on The Palmetto Library and one now still displays on a Law Firm building in Bradenton on a main avenue. I also painted several mini geckos that were auctioned for further fundraising.


SAKS FIFTH AVENUE "Key for The Cure" breast cancer fundraising displayed my uniquely designed bra called "The Confectionary Poetry in Motion" within their elegant store for several weeks and then it was up for auction at their store fashion show. I wrote a health/life inspiring poem and painted it in spiral form. (Also related to fashion: I won first prize in our local Historical Center Tea Party & Dollhouses event, for my very decorated tea party hat as you may see in the slideshow on the home page.)


SENIOR FRIENDSHIP CENTER-their "Beauty and The Bench" project provided bus benches artistically painted for our senior citizens displayed around towne at various bus stops on main roads. I was happy to support them with my painted Sunshine Bench.


TAMPA BAY FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL-I include in the slideshow a photo of my hand sketched poster for The Wine Festival because I placed in The TOP TEN for Tampa Bay Area by independent judges choice and I was stunned. Two artists also submitted hand sketched work while all the other entries were computer generated art. But the winner was to be selected by Facebook voting "only" and since I do not network that way, there was no way my poster design could go further. I use Facebook once in awhile and then deactivate when a project completes usually and I do not friend friends of friends so it is sort of pointless, although I get tons of requests, as artists alone are a huge community of networkers. But I kept to a bare minimum. Until this site it was the best way to share my art though, so I persisted--- but Facebook is not much my style as I like my friends close and real.


THE CLEARWATER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE "Clearwater DOLPHIN TRAIL" related to the two movies about Winter the dolphin in the Aquarium there. I had the opportunity to paint *2* lifesize almost seven foot tall fiberglass dolphins. One in Florida wildlife style displays on the main street of The Cleveland District and the Mayor attended that ribbon cutting reveal! The other dedicated to Maurice Sendak "Where The Wild Things Are" children book author illustrator, is displayed in the glass lobby of The Downtown Library where I had the amazing privilege of reading aloud that special book to a group of well behaved attentive children, right in front of the dolphin! That book REALLY made a huge impression on me as a child!!


A SEAHORSE DREAM*--for Ft Myers "Children's Hospital". I was able to produce *4* lifesize painted fiberglass seahorses for their fundraising "Sponsors":

 TWEEN WATERS INN & RESORT* of Captiva Island has "Stargazer" the Blue and pink starred seahorse

 CARROL PROPERTIES HOLIDAY INN* of Sanibel Island has "Serendipity" which has the sun & lighthouse etc.

 DOROTHY FITZGERALD* local kindest philanthropist: I was able to paint TWO Seahorses for her and her sister MaryClare and the Seahorses are "The King & Queen" of the seahorses and reside inside the lobby of The Children's Hospital to greet parents and their children!


TAMPA BAY ESTUARY PROGRAM  St Petersburg has a unique flock of 26 plastic flamingos for their BeFloridian program that they display at Festivals and Community Awareness Events in many cities from Tampa to Sarasota, called "The ART of Being Floridian!". Area artists were invited to embellish their collection of plain pink flamingos. I understand The Ringling Art College students exclusively entirely did the group for Sarasota! I had the privilege to paint *2* colorful flamingos for Tampa Bay Area Estuary Program...Roaming Ronny and his Ramblin`Rose---named after my parents!!!


COMMUNITY GARDEN SIGN in Sarasota. I contacted the Garden and volunteered to remake and paint a sign for them at no cost to the Garden. It is in our neighborhood and very well tended by neighbors young and old, of mixed ethnicities. We admire the Garden and the neighbors who produce there and when the signage was damaged badly after a storm no one repaired it for a long time. Everytime we went by it made me sad to see it neglected. So finally Michael and I offered our help, and in return we were rewarded with freshest wonderful bounty from that local Garden as sort of a gesture of payment that we oh so gratefully accepted, even receiving garden grown "loofahs" which we had never seen the like of before--- straight from the ground! Things like that make it all worth while. Do what YOU can to support your own community--you will never be bored and you will feel happy that you made a difference no matter how big or small your contribution is!!

SOUTHEASTERN GUIDE DOGS   in Sarasota. My dear friend, artist Frankie Creaturo Jr made me aware of this wonderful opportunity! I created two dog designs of the 50 artist painted dogs. Leo was completed in three weeks and Cookie in ONE week. Their attached "friends" were made from a paper compound and wire hangers from my closet! 100% funds raised will go towards providing FREE service guide dogs to those in need. AND-----In 2020: I have had the great privilege to paint a BANK Dog Sculpture that will collect donations! My "Golden" Retriever Bank--- is Named "LOVE Sweet Love"--- you know for the song ..."What the world needs now is..." I think you may agree we surely need it more than ever and I hope my BANK will get lots of wonderful donations for the charity wherever they put her. The "Artist Reveal Party" was canceled due to COVID 19. SO seems the Dog Banks have also been set aside for a time. Look for "Love" in the future at a local Sarasota or Bradenton location! Let me know if you see her? Thank you!

SARASOTA SUCCULENT GARDEN SIGN in Sarasota. We noticed the prominent corner sign needed some repair so Michael approached the volunteer group and offered to remake and paint one for them. The experimental garden was established in 1950 and is the ONLY one in the country where members own their clubhouse and property. We feel it is important to always help improve our community and so we volunteered to do their sign without cost to support their dedicated efforts! Also our dear friend Phyllis Turner who lived to be 96 was an amazing Botanist and founding member of The garden. She effortlessly knew the Botanical Latin plant names derived from ancient Greek words and she was an artist as well. She attended The Kingdom Hall with us and so the sign is in memory of her love and kindness, as I painted her name on front and it was my privilege to paint. Worked recently with "Ward" of The Garden at his request--- Mike and I made and painted "a few more signs" for them recently in is our joy to provide the "signs" at no cost, as neighbors who appreciate our Garden Community.


Venice Art Center

2021-2023  "FANTASEA"  Mermaids and Seahorses

for a Venice Avenue Two years Display

I painted a lifesize street statue Seahorse named: "KAI" KEEPER OF THE KEY.

Sponsored by Three realtors Associated with Michael Saunders & Company in Venice

ALSO a One of a Kind mini desk top mermaid named" "AMETHYST STAR RISING"

APRIL 2023 UPDATE****BOTH SOLD-Thank you!!


To ALL the lovely private and public people who have taken this art journey with me and helped me along my wobbly way---I thank you tremendously and give you my loving gratittude!!!! And especially so to these incredible individuals I have joyfully met through these experiences and will ALWAYS remember--you are part of my heart....... :


My first ever event---Debbie Benedict and The Tidewell Clowning Around Town project-- for her genuine support and care for the children and the clowns that cheered them at the special Hospice just for kids-----may the day come when we need no such place on earth!


My heartfelt appreciation towards Mr. Salenger of upstate New York where he provides lovingly and selflessy for wildlife on his estate--I hope the alpacas and monkeys are happily flourishing and staying well~~~~He is my most special supporter for buying my "first ever" public art piece--~Dazzle in memory of his Mom and especially for loving the animals as much as I do!


Miki Boni fellow artist and Gallery Owner who started the six foot Geckos with LOVE as community decorations for buildings in The Village of The Arts-- but she relocated to Chatanooga where she has a new Gallery.


Frank Creaturo a very dear super talented well-known local Sarasota artist  from Brooklyn New York, who sort of "mentored" me into geckos from the clowns and further community art, by his stupedous example---and he was a fabulous "clown doctor" too, assisting all repairs with his finesse! I continued and accomplished because of your kind encouragements...thank you Frankie so very very much!!!!!


Anita Treiser for welcoming me warmly and with all her encouragement into the Dolphin Trail through the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce and making me aware of the Seahorse opportunity--and other Call To Artists. She is just super dedicated to making a difference!!! I so appreciate her!


Along with loving thanks to the most cheery Anne Fogarty-France who has been a real true blue buddy with her genuine support and caring~ always happiest enthusiastic cheer leading attitude!


Paris and Linda Marfopolous who are very classy joyful people with the most delicious coffee in their shoppe full of abundant things that everybody needs or wants in downtown Clearwater.


Jack and Joyce Thomas for their kindest friendliest big-hearted assistance and "extra mile with a smile" efforts for The SeaHorse Dream project of The Ft Myers Children's Hospital,

MaryClare Lyons who has more enthusiasm than even I do and to her darling sister

Dorothy Fitzgerald as they are truly amazing dynamic selfless fundraising philanthropists and generous King and Queen Seahorse sponsors!


Nanette O'Hara  for joyfully adopting my two Flamingos into the "Art of Being Floridian" Flock and promising to "feed them and not let them walk away!"


Frances Marinaro who is the dedicated Director of Philanthropy for Southeastern Guide Dogs--which really is a life saving/changing/preserving work for those in need of such wonderful life companions. What a privilege to support them in any way!!!

    Mary Moscatelli  CEO of Venice Art Center "FANTASEA" community street art.

   2021-2023 allowing me to paint a lifesize seahorse AND a mini mermaid for Auctions!

A special Thank You to the Three Realtors of Michael Saunders & Company of Venice who "Sponsored" KAI the Seahorse! A "Private Family" adopted her as they won the auction, so that Seahorse will live happily ever after on The St Johns River in north Florida!!

AND: Our DEAREST Neighbors of nearby "Indian Beach Sapphire Shores" who generously "donated" the very heavy wood panel screen used for the King & Queen seahorse which I painted--it really made an impact and enhanced all photos and is a permanent display with the Seahorses in The Children's Hospital Lobby.


Too----I must include a special mention of Edward David Klein who was my employer at the time when he kindly commissioned my first piece of art ~EVER~ commissioned to add to his ~personal~ collection--- before all of this community art began. And it was just because his little daughter Allison told him I ~could~ paint a fish------ and though I had never painted a fish before....I then did it for him----a large Tarpon seen in the slideshow here! I gained much confidence through that genuine benevolent gesture from years ago! He was so generous that I was able to use that moeny to help a terminally ill friend afford special medicines when she needed it. How thankful I am...... those who have "purchased" my ART by your GENEROUS donations and support of these many CHARITIES, I thank YOU greatly!! AND--to those I have "yet" to meet and most certainly the many more names that I might not recall just now as I type-----(as they are all held closely deep within my heart)--------How can I thank any of you enough???


I will try to continue to support my community and these fabulous art projects with whatever ability I have. Our society benefits when people choose to care to make a positive difference in whatever ways possible.  I know this is not an academy award or anything that requires this type lengthy acknowledgment but a life well lived in service to others "is" its own reward and it is an honor to live it and to recognize its worth and all those associated who generously and altruistically enable it.........



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